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IGNITE 360 Pathways™

IGNITE 360 Pathways™ is a six-part development series for the new entrepreneur.  Over the six modules that make up IGNITE 360 Pathways, we will:

  • ASSESS AND PLAN - To consider, evaluate and apply information
  • CREATE - New tools, messages, resources and methods
  • TRANSFER - Your skills, knowledge and experience into business expertise
  • IMAGINE - New possibilitiesthat turn dreams into reality
  • ORGANIZE - Plans, priorities and responsibilities
  • NETWORK - To expand contacts, resources and confidence

IGNITE 360 Pathways is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confident to take ACTION.

To participate in the IGNITE 360 Pathways program which begins on September 3, 2014, complete an application today: Fill Form and PDF

IGNITE 360 Advantage and Premier™ Programs

IGNITE 360 Advantage and Premier™ programs help second-stage business owners solve critical business problems and develop new skills that allow their companies to outperform the competition while advancing to the next level of business growth and sustainability.

In doing so, this proprietary program brings together a diverse group of professionals and organizations who participate in three important roles:

  • IGNITE 360 is supported by experienced Mentors and Facilitators who provide their expertise, knowledge and resources to Build second-stage companies;
  • IGNITE 360 was created to provide the resources and knowledge needed to help entrepreneurial Mentees and their businesses to Grow;
  • IGNITE 360 is funded by valued Sponsors who want to make an important difference in the community.

The IGNITE 360 program takes small businesses that are completing the startup phase and particularly companies in the second-stage growth phase through an intensive six-month assessment, planning and implementation process. Designed to instill the clarity of focus needed to create and implement an effective strategic plan, mentees are guided through a process that closes the gap between current and desired business performance.

The program is committed to delivering specific, measurable business outcomes and accountability has been built into the process as participants focus on specific aspects of their business in which they need to improve.

As a result of the program,

  • Mentees have reported faster growth, goal clarification, increased skills in core business functions, sustainability, added revenue streams and expanded business relationships.
  • Mentors and Facilitators have expressed personal and professional satisfaction that comes from giving back to others and are impressed by how much they gain from participation in the process in terms of enhanced knowledge, expanded professional relationships and personal growth.
  • Sponsors are able to support a program that enhances the community through business development and the entrepreneurs who are bringing new products, service and potential employment to the area.

Mentee, Mentor and Facilitator applications are currently being accepted for the next session to begin in January 2015.

Founding Sponsors

Thank you!  This program is brought you in part by means of our generous sponsors.

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